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Hi All. 
It’s April and  we are loving the spring weather in Boulder Creek.  I’m playing lots of excellent  gigs in different locations.  It’s a great time for me.

Thanks for coming to my website.  There is lots of information about my concerts, gigs, teaching activities, JazzSkills for Piano online jazz piano course, blog posts and music below.  I’d love to see you at some of my gigs, concerts or lectures.  Please leave your email if you want to be notified of upcoming events.  Also, I always appreciate your questions, comments and suggestions.

We have updated and revamped the JazzSkills for Piano website. Check it out.  We are now offering a brand new introductory offer.

Exciting News!  New Course!
I am days away from releasing a new course called: Pentatonics for Pianists.  This course is intended to help all pianists develop improvisational skills.  We will let you know when the course is officially released.

Just received word that Martan Mann & Mannkind is now available as a station on Pandora.  It’s currently playing tracks from Beatlejazz.  Hope you can check it out.

Here’s a nice comment from one of my Australian JazzSkills for Piano subscribers:

“Hi Martan ! Thank you for your course and video lessons. They have been extremely useful to me. I now use your approach when playing.  At the moment I’m playing each week in the State Library centre in Adelaide (South Australia) and it is certainly giving me new musical freedom.”

Have a great day . . .

Martan :)

JazzThought of the Day:

“The Metronome Is Your BFF”
Martan Mann

Music jazz improvisation

For More Jazz Thought Quotes by Martan, visit JazzThought.com.


I want to personally invite you to join me and my friends at the following public concerts and gigs . . . love to see you there.  These gigs are mainly in the San Francisco, Santa Cruz, San Jose & Monterey Bay Area.
Best to you . . . Martan :)



I’m loving playing the “Art of the Duo”concerts at Angelicas in Redwood City.  They have been a huge success.  Thank you to Sandra MarloweTammi Brown, Cathy Segal-Garcia, Kay Kostopoulos, Mary Jenson, Daria, Azure McCall, Darryl Rowe, Roberta Donnay, Molly Holm, Wendy Waller, Ellen Johnson, Deborah Winters, Lin McPhillips, Clif Payne, Charmaigne Scott, Scotty Wright and Gail & Smith Dobson and Eve Marie Shahoian for playing great shows.

Jennifer  Lee

Our next duo show is with the super jazz vocalist, Jennifer Lee at Angelicas, Tuesday, April 16 from 7 – 9 pm.

This will be a night of musical improvisation and creativity and FUN.  Come and see Angelicas newly-designed dining room.  Hope you can come.  Tickets are FREE if ordered online at Angelicas website ($10 at the door).  Make your reservations early.

Jennifer Lee Bio

Nine years is a long time between albums, but Jennifer Lee has been busy taking her music into rarely explored emotional terrain. My Shining Hour, the third album by the esteemed Bay Area jazz vocalist, guitarist, and pianist, reintroduces an artist long known as a gifted interpreter of the American and Brazilian Songbooks. But with her ensemble the Ever-Expanding Universe and a stellar cast of special guests, including trumpet legend Randy Brecker, bass master Bob Magnusson, Grammy Award-winning violinist Mads Tolling, and percussion maestro John Santos, Lee has emerged as a songwriter with an unusual gift for evoking uncanny experiences, hard-won wisdom, unbridled joy, and liminal states of consciousness.

Her evolution from her former creative identity as an arranger/interpreter to her present calling as a composer took Lee by surprise. “I always wrote a little bit, but I certainly never thought of myself as a songwriter,” she says. “Then a shift happened and all this music started channeling in.  It’s like some crazy, overactive muse attached itself to me.”

While My Shining Hour marks a sea change for Lee, she’s still swimming with longtime collaborators, which is one reason why her music sounds so finely wrought and fully formed. Like on her previous, critically-hailed albums, 2003’s Jaywalkin’ and 2009’s Quiet Joy (both on Peter Sprague’s label SBE Records), Lee draws on two deep pools of talent from San Diego and the Bay Area. The line of continuity runs through Peter Sprague, the brilliant San Diego guitarist known for his extensive work with Chick Corea, Charles McPherson, and Hubert Laws. For Lee, the collaboration has provided, among many other things, an education. “Peter is an extraordinary musician and a deeply soulful player,” she says. “Working with him over the years, watching how he’ll reharmonize or phrase a line, I’ve learned so much. It’s definitely influenced my writing.”

Here are links to some of my live performance videos:






Albums on Spotify:

My Shining Hour (2018)  https://open.spotify.com/album/0KkJZHI5IaZNHd5kTs9Ce3

Quiet Joy (2009)  https://open.spotify.com/album/55sEpSadmgrcxwEj2Uvg45

Jaywalkin’ (2003)  https://open.spotify.com/album/1Rm8bvtMoFZT9NJqxHXGqA

Valeriana Quevedo

The next duo show is with the Latin, jazz and blues singer, Valeriana Quevedo at Angelicas, Tuesday,, April 30.

Valeriana Quevedo – Biographical Profile

Valeriana is not only an excellent Latin Vocalist but has an equally special feeling for Jazz &  Blues. She has won the “Admiration Award” from local producers,  Janice King, president of the “Sonoma Jazz Society” and Fred Adler Jazz presenter for the “Gualala Arts Center”.

Jazz Education Week & International Jazz Day 2019

April 22 – 28:

I am honored to be participating in the 6th Annual Santa Cruz Jazz Education Week & International Jazz Day.    I will be playing each day this week for high school students in the Santa Cruz area.  A free concert is happening Sunday, April 28, 2019 at the Santa Cruz Municipal Wharf. International Jazz Day is the exciting culmination of Jazz Appreciation Month and is held in partnership with UNESCO, the Herbie Hancock Institute of Jazz and the Santa Cruz County Office of Education.

This great week of events brings together communities, schools, artists, historians, academics, and jazz enthusiasts to celebrate and learn about jazz music’s roots and history, as well as its wide-reaching impact and enduring influence.

The band leader and host for this event is the world famous jazz drummer, Prince Lawsha  (http://princelawsha.com/jazz-education-week-international-jazz-day-2019)

San Jose Country Club
screen-shot-2016-11-29-at-10-38-57-amSunday, May 19 – 5:30 – 8:30 pm

I’m really looking forward to playing for the fine members of this fine club (members only).
San Jose Country Club, San Jose

Dominican OaksTBA – 7:15 pm
I always enjoy playing for the fine residents of Dominican Oaks.
Dominican Oaks, 3400 Paul Sweet Road, Santa Cruz

Merrill GardensTBA, – 3:30 pm
I absolutely love playing solo piano for the fine residents of Merrill Gardens (Campbell).  We always have a great time playing the tunes that everyone loves.
Merrill Gardens, Winchester, Campbell

Westhope Presbyterian ChurchWesthope 2015-11-01 at 10.45.43 PM

Every Sunday – 10 am Service
Special Easter Services on April 20 & 21

I play every Sunday for the beautiful Westhope Presbyterian Church in Saratoga.
Westhope Presbyterian Church, 12850 Saratoga Avenue, Saratoga,
(408) 255-0955.