Martan Mann’s Links & Recommendations

Here are some of Martan’s favorite links and recommendations.

I recommend that piano players develop their singing “chops”. Seth Riggs, “Singing for the Stars” is the best method that I know.

Two top-of-the-line music notation software are Finale and Sibelius.  Both have options for free versions and also less-expensive versions.  These are all a great help in preparing your music.



Many of my courses use and recommend a fabulous computer music program, Band-in-a-box.  You type in the chords and then can hear the music in fabulous style.  Check out the demos on


I recommend that you check out any of Kenny Werner’s books, DVDs and CDs. He is a brilliant musician and teacher.

I recommend Hanon Exercises to develop jazz technique. However – play special attention to developing good tone and legato.

I also recommend the Beringer Technical Studies for piano technique development.

Use Slonimsky’s book to develop new modal approaches to jazz improvisation.

I love the Kaizen approach to learning . . . one-step-at-a-time. It works!

Jeffrey Chappell is a good friend and head of the jazz music department of Goucher College in Baltimore, MD and outstanding jazz and classical pianist.   He has a new book which I highly recommend.  Check out his website at:

If you need great internet promotional services, I recommend my friend, Michael Jaret at JaretMedia

I use and enjoy this inexpensive and excellent video recording software, ScreenFlow.

Here’s a site that I recommend for ear training:
Easy Ear Training