April & May Public Happenings


Martan Mann

Some exciting news:  I’ve been invited to help in teaching jazz clinics for the Jason Bellenkes Jazz School.  I always love teaching young eager jazz musicians.

I also have great gigs this month with Back in Time,  The Santa Cruz Jazz Society Jam, The Hedley Jazz Jam, Wally’s Cocktail Combo at Severino’s, Michael Carter, Arya Restaurant in Redwood City, Pentiamo Trio, vocalist, Kike Adedeji and Temple Beth El in Salinas and Westhope Presbyterian in Saratoga.  See the listings and calendars below for more information.

Thanks to all who have expressed interest in my new online jazz piano course, JazzSkills for Piano.   More information below.

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Also, to mention: my private teaching schedule is going ahead full-force at home in Boulder Creek and at West Valley Music and Hope Street Music Studios in Mt. View! Contact me for a free interview. Just started: I am now teaching piano lessons by Skype (More information below).


I want to personally invite you to join me and my friends at the following concerts and gigs . . . love to see you there. Check out my newly-released course: JazzSkills for Piano (jazzskillsforpiano.com/wp). -
Best to you . . . Martan

April 25 Friday 3 pm
Come hear the smooth vocal group, Back In Time at Aegis.
Aegis Retirement Community, Aptos

May 2, June 6  Fridays 7:30 – 11:30 pm (The first Friday of the month)
w/Wally’s Cocktail Combo at Severino’s. This is definitely THE scene. Be there!
Severino’s, Aptos

May 3, 23 & 30 Fridays 7 – 10 pm
Here is a new steady gig with a classy, “Sinatra-style” singer, Michael Carter. This guy is great. Come and hear us at Santana Row.  The food is fantastic.  Try it.
Thea Mediterranean Cuisine, 3090 Olsen Drive, SJ

May 5 Wednesday 7:30 – 10:30 pm
It’s jazz-time at the Hedley.  Join me, Perry Thorsell on bass and Kirk Abe on drums for a super night of jazz in a great room.  Don’t miss this.
DeAnza Hotel, San Jose

May 11 Sunday 11:30 – 3:30 pm & 5 – 9 pm
I am playing with two of my favorite musicians, Jason Bellenkes on sax and Jack Hanan on bass at an exotic restaurant called Arya.  Join us for a great Mother’s Day jazz experience (the belly dancing is great, too).
Arya, Redwood City

May 16 Friday 6:30 – 9:30 pm
Come and have dinner, drinks and listen to listenable jazz with Mike Bastian’s Pentiamo Trio.  The location is fab.  You will enjoy this experience.
Palo Alto Grill, Palo Alto

May 31 Saturday 7 pm
I’m playing a special piano concert at Temple Beth El in Salinas.
Temple Beth El, Salinas

Steady Gigs

Every Sunday 3:30 – 7:30 pm
I am the house pianist at the Santa Cruz Jazz Society s weekly Sunday Jam Session at Bocci’s Cellar in Santa Cruz. The atmosphere is delightful for listening, dancing and sitting-in.
Bocci’s Cellar, 140 Encinal Street, Santa Cruz.

Fridays 7:30 – 11:30 pm (The first Friday of the month)
w/Wally’s Cocktail Combo at Severino’s. This is definitely THE scene. Be there!
Severino’s, Aptos

Sundays at 10 am
I am playing for the Sunday Morning Service at the Westhope Presbyterian Church.
Westhope Presbyterian Church, 12850 Saratoga Avenue, Saratoga

Mondays from 7 – 9 pm
I accompany Wally Trindade’s jazz vocal class at Cabrillo College . Join the class for lots of fun and excellent training in jazz singing. Sign up now for the Spring class (there’s a Wednesday class, too.
Cabrillo College Music School, Aptos

Skype Piano Lessons with Martan Mann

Martan Mann is now offering special individual Skype lessons based on his new internet jazz piano course, JazzSkills for Piano. The Skype sessions are paid through PayPal and are $24.95 for a 30 minute lesson. The lessons should relate to specific lessons in JazzSkills for Piano. You should have a Skype account and a webcam. Premium Subscribers to JazzSkills for Piano have access to Skype session discounts. Click Here for more information.

Recording and Rehearsals for Vocalists

I want to remind vocalists that I can provide rehearsal and recording services. I have a beautiful Yamaha C7 and excellent recording equipment. It’s quick and easy to record a demo or complete CD. CD artwork is also available.

I can also create Band in a Box charts and recordings which sound like a real band. You’ll be amazed!!!  TURN OFF THE MUSIC AT THE TOP OF THIS PAGE.

The above is an audio file, “You’d be so nice to come home to”. It has my live piano playing mixed with the BIAB file. The first and third chorus is a backup for the vocalist. The second chorus is a sax solo. BIAB can put the song into any key, style, soloing instrument, tempo, etc.

Call me at (831) 338-4986 for more information. Or, send an email to martan@musicmann.com.

“I love to back vocalists!”

Morning Musing

I haven’t done this in awhile. I love getting up in the morning and playing some of my favorite tunes. Here’s my latest off-the-cuff offering: “Waltz for Debby”. Hope you enjoy it.  TURN OFF MUSIC AT THE TOP OF THE PAGE.

Developing Jazz Skills

This is a blog post article by Martan Mann
Author of JazzSkills for Piano®
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There a many books which teach the theory of jazz.  Learning the theory of jazz is important.  However – what many pianists truly need is a method to expand their various jazz skills using that theory.  To put this simply, competent jazz pianists play automatically.  They “flip the switch” and the music flows out of them.  The main issue is . . . how did they get to that skill level?  Also, is there a more direct way to arrive at that point?

We know that classical players spend years honing their skills.  They work on piano technique, pianistic skills, interpretive knowledge.  This is done by studying with competent teachers who teach them the skills of playing the piano and guide them through piece after piece. Through years of learning and memorizing classical pieces, the classical pianist eventually develops musical skills, good tone, a fluid piano technique, good timing and rhythm, phrasing, interpretation, and music-reading skills.

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